CBD for animals - information on the effect, dosage and application

CBD für Tiere – Infos zur Wirkung, Dosierung und Anwendung

Pets are many people's best friends. Therefore, many pet owners want a natural way to optimally support their animals in special situations. Cannabidiol is a natural active ingredient in the hemp plant and can be used to promote the well-being and quality of life of four-legged friends. In addition, CBD has a positive influence on the physique and psyche of the animals. Situations in which dogs, cats or horses are affected by stress or fear can be mastered better. The anti-inflammatory effect of CBD strengthens the general health condition.

The right dosage

The dosage of the CBD oil depends on the weight of the animal. At the beginning you start with a low dosage and always keep an eye on your four-legged friend to see the reaction. The rule here is that less is more, since every organism first learns how to absorb CBD and even improves it after regular intake. We recommend for a careful start:

  • 1-2 drops in cats or very small, light dogs
  • 3-4 drops for a medium sized dog
  • 7-8 drops in horses

Only in very rare cases do side effects occur when using CBD. Usually lethargy and drowsiness are signs of too high a dosage. If these side effects occur, the number of drops should be reduced.

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Our CBD oils for pets can be easily mixed into food or dripped onto a treat that masks the inherent flavor of the hemp extract.

Many pet owners have had very good experiences with CBD in daily support of general health and as complementary therapy for chronic pain. Sainfort CBD oil can also help pets in special situations where the animal is experiencing stress or anxiety. For example, the fireworks noise on New Year's Eve and August 1st or when traveling.

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