7 reasons why Switzerland is CBD highland

7 Gründe, warum die Schweiz CBD Hochland ist

CBD is a natural substance from the hemp plant that has many medicinal benefits and is legal in most EU countries and Switzerland. The European Union recognizes CBD as a food supplement with health benefits, and yet there are a few reasons why Switzerland is central to CBD cultivation.

The Swiss are very open-minded when it comes to cannabis culture, making them a prime location for those wanting to learn more about the plant and how to use it. Like many other European countries, Switzerland has a long history with hemp, dating back several centuries, and hemp is fast becoming an important export commodity.

  1. Excellent growing conditions

Switzerland has ideal growing opportunities for hemp cultivation and is therefore one of the best countries to buy high-quality CBD products.

The long growing season in the excellent indoor facilities like Sainfort means the plants are able to grow longer, ensuring they are strong and healthy. The rich soils in Switzerland provide the nutrients needed to produce large quantities of high-quality CBD extract.

  1. Top quality CBD products

The Swiss have been making quality CBD for years and are ready to share their secrets with you. You'll find everything from pure oil tinctures to full-spectrum extracts that also contain other beneficial cannabinoids like CBG and CBC.

The Swiss are a demanding people and therefore value high quality, are willing to pay more for it and also demand the same from the government.

According to many experts, the Swiss government has strict regulations for the CBD industry - one of the strictest in Europe. In order to sell CBD oils in Switzerland, manufacturers must be certified by their local cantonal authorities.

The certification process is rigorous and should not be taken lightly. Manufacturers must provide extensive background information about themselves and demonstrate that they adhere to safety standards and quality control systems for their products.

  1. CBD is legal in Switzerland

In Switzerland, cannabis is only legal for medical use, but that doesn't mean there aren't restrictions on its use or sale. For CBD in particular, this means that people can buy it without fear of being arrested or having their drugs confiscated by the police if they are caught using it.

CBD is legal in most countries in Europe and Switzerland. This is legally due to the fact that the sale or possession of CBD products with a THC content of less than 1.0% is legal throughout Switzerland.

  1. Provider transparency

When you buy a CBD product, you want to know that it's reliable and safe. This is why the transparency of the provider is so important. He should be able to tell you where the hemp came from, how it was grown, and what type of extraction process was used (e.g. CO2 or ethanol).

They should be able to inform you of their quality control procedure for verifying batch numbers and microbiological testing of each batch before shipping your CBD oil. Labeling regulations differ in each EU country, but if they sell in Switzerland they must comply with strict Swiss regulations.

  1. Inexpensive shipping throughout Europe

In Switzerland, the import and export of CBD is legal, which means you can ship CBD products to European countries such as Germany, Spain and England. This makes Switzerland a perfect location for European CBD companies looking to expand their market or even set up an international eCommerce business.

You'll have access to all the tools you need to do this, including:

  • Shipping rates (e.g. via DHL and international mail)
  • Customs documents such as commercial invoices or certificates of origin
  • International payment options
  1. Price and performance ratio to medicines

CBD is a natural product and therefore does not require the same production costs as traditional medicines. This makes it possible for CBD to be offered at lower prices than classic medicines.

In addition to these factors, the Swiss government has taken additional steps in recent years to support research into cannabis-based products and their industrial production.

  1. Availability of CBD products

CBD products are available online in all sorts of colors and shapes: you can buy CBD oil and have it delivered to your home without any hassle, since our Sainfort Productions AG cultivation and production is located in Switzerland, shipping takes place within a few days.

The most common way of taking CBD is by taking supplements. This is the best option for anyone looking to reap the health benefits of CBD. Cosmetic products are used for skin care and can be applied topically or taken internally by ingesting a CBD oil tincture or capsule.

What can be said in conclusion is that Switzerland has proven itself as a location for the production of CBD products in Europe and is ideally positioned. The plants grown here are of high quality.
And: there are many reasons why Swiss consumers have a keen interest in CBD products, but one thing is for sure: they will continue to buy them as long as they are available at reasonable prices and with good quality control. The Swiss enjoy a high standard of living, so they are more willing to invest in supplements like CBD oil because they want to live longer and healthier lives.