New findings - Does CBD help against Corona or Long-Covid?

Neue Erkenntnisse – Hilft CBD gegen Corona oder Long-Covid?, Sainfort Online Shop, Schweiz

A new study from the USA has examined whether cannabis protects against corona infection and comes to a surprising conclusion.

So is cannabis the savior in the fight against Corona? That's probably a bit of an exaggeration. But some active ingredients of the cannabis plant have proven themselves in pain therapy, for example. And the University of Oregon study raises hopes that cannabis could also help in the pandemic.

Cannabis is known to have many beneficial properties that can help with mental and physical ailments. The researchers have identified two active ingredients in the cannabis plant as effective against a corona infection. The molecules cannabigerol and CBDa bind to the spike proteins of the coronavirus. This makes it more difficult for the pathogens to penetrate human cells.

The study was published in the scientific journal "Eurekalert". However, study leader Richard van Breemen points out that although cannabigerol and CBDa can be found in the hemp plant and in many hemp extracts, efficient extraction is complicated. In any case, smoking the flowers is not the most efficient way to release these substances and is not recommended during an acute illness.

Oil extraction seems to be the more promising method here. The study is based on findings with the alpha and beta variants of the coronavirus. The researchers "hope that the results will also be confirmed against other variants such as Omikron".

Does CBD Oil Help Against Long Covid?

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Long Covid

Cannabis extracts could also play a role in treating the long-term consequences of corona disease. It is assumed that well over 1 million people in Europe suffer from the long-term effects of a previous illness. Others say 1 in 40 people who have been infected with COVID-19 continue to have symptoms.

Australian cannabis company Bod Australia has been granted approval to conduct a clinical trial. It is hoped that evidence will be found that medicinal cannabis products help to alleviate long-term problems such as poor concentration, chronic pain, anxiety or insomnia.

Until final results are published, consumers will probably have to trust their gut feeling and find out for themselves whether CBD will help them.