World Marijuana Day "420" - where does the term come from?

Welt-Marihuana-Tag "420" – woher kommt der Begriff?

The 420 Day is an unofficial holiday celebrated by many people around the world that falls on April 20th. The exact origin of the 420 day is disputed, but it is widely believed to have originated in the 1970s by a group of California youth.

One version of the story has it that in the 1970s a group of high school students who referred to themselves as "Waldos" decided to meet every day at 4:20 pm to smoke cannabis. This is how the term "420" came about. This quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. The hippie band "Grateful Dead" was perhaps the decisive factor for this. For example, some of the «Waldos» managed the group's property or managed a side project of «The Grateful Dead». Backstage and during rehearsals, the "Waldos" would say "Hey, 420" to each other as usual when a joint was passed. The members of «Grateful Dead» adopted this term and so it spread in the musician and stoner scene.

A High Times editor picked up the term and used it at big events like the Cannabis Cup. So the term first conquered America and then the whole world. The use of "420" as a code for cannabis quickly spread among cannabis enthusiasts and April 20th was eventually chosen as a day to celebrate this subcultural movement.

Another version of the story has it that the 420 tag came from a police code number used for smoking cannabis. In reality, however, it is unclear whether such a code number ever existed.

While 420 Day is often celebrated as Cannabis Consumption Day, there are also many people who use the day as an opportunity to campaign for the legalization of cannabis. In some countries, cannabis is already legalized or at least partially legalized, while others still have strict laws against the use and sale of cannabis.

420 Day is a day, primarily in the United States, when people come together to express their love and support for cannabis and advocate for progressive drug policies. It is important that we strive to make our society a safer and healthier place where everyone is able to make informed choices.