SAINFORT, a new star in the Swiss CBD sky

CBD Pflanze von Sainfort, dem Online Shop aus der Schweiz, Cannabis Produkte, Hanföl, CBD-Öl
With SAINFORT, Sainfort Production GmbH is launching a new CBD brand with CBD-containing products made in Switzerland in spring 2021. The cannabis that is produced is CBD cannabis. CBD stands for cannabidiol and is extracted from female hemp.
Hemp cigarettes with CBD grass have been legal in Switzerland since 2011. CBD is considered non-intoxicating and may be grown, sold and consumed as long as the THC content does not exceed the legal limit of 1%.

The CBD is said to be a real miracle: among other things, hemp is said to help with multiple sclerosis, alleviate the symptoms of epilepsy, insomnia, nausea and migraines, and in laboratory tests it is even said to have killed certain cancer cells.
Now CBD plants are also being grown in Kleindöttingen on 3500 square meters, in a comparatively large indoor facility. The hemp plants grow for a little over two months in five production boxes that simulate twelve hours of day and twelve hours of night. Due to the closed air system of the boxes, you cannot smell the hemp outside the production hall, says Managing Director Jetlum Memedi, who is behind Sainfort Production GmbH together with other investors.