Sainfort products receive the SCC seal of approval, Swiss Certified Cannabis

Sainfort_CBD Produkte_SCC Label, Swiss Certified Cannabis, Qualitätsprodukt

Our CBD products have been allowed to bear the SCC , Swiss Certified Cannabis seal of quality since July 5th. We are only the fourth company in Switzerland to receive this label. In a complex process, our products and our production were tested with regard to safety and quality and were able to meet the high demands.

CBD products are laboratory tested for safety and quality, SCC label, Sainfort CBD oils and cannabis from Switzerland

Excerpt from the SCC website: Swiss Certified Cannabis stands for safe and trustworthy Swiss cannabis products. It aims to establish itself as the valid and recognized quality label of the Swiss cannabis industry. The quality label Swiss Certified Cannabis is awarded and independently checked by the branch association of the Swiss cannabis industry, the IG Hemp.

The quality label Swiss Certified Cannabis

  • guarantees product safety and increases consumer confidence
  • protects producers from loss of reputation and damage to their image
  • guarantees compliance with quality standards and legal regulations as well as official production requirements

With the quality label Swiss Certified Cannabis, the industry association of Swiss cannabis producers has created a proven instrument for comprehensible transparency and consumer-friendly information along the entire production chain.

Certificate SCC_LABEL_swiss_certified_cannabis_SAINFORT_CBD_SCHWEIZ