Sainfort flowers win 3rd place at the CannaSwissCup 2021/2022

Sainfort Blüten gewinnen 3. Platz beim CannaSwissCup 2021/2022

The CannaSwissCup is the annual competition to choose the best Swiss cannabis strains. Hundreds of jury members voted and chose the following winners in the "Indoor" and "Outdoor" categories.

Sainfort was able to win third place in the "Indoor" category with the " Cannatonic " variety:

Cannaswisscup Sorte 18

3rd place: Variety #18 Indoor "Cannatonic"
THC: 0.64%
CBD: 16.62%
CBD: 0.27%
terpene analysis

1st and 2nd place went to: 1st place: strain #22 Indoor CannaResearch GmbH and 2nd place: strain #12 Indoor Cannabar

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How does the CannaSwissCup work?
The varieties are submitted and tested for THC, CBD, CBG, nicotine, pesticides and mycotoxins as well as a terpene analysis. A VIP jury then selects the best 35 varieties for the jury box. The jury box can be purchased by all adults living in Switzerland or Lichtenstein. The jury members have until May to test the varieties and determine the best in each category (indoor, outdoor, greenhouse) online or at CannaTrade. All varieties are anonymized throughout the process. The analysis results, variety names and producers will only be published by the CannaSwissCup association after the awards show .

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