Healing with CBD: Part 1 – Sleep Disorders

Heilen mit CBD: Teil 1 – Schlafstörungen, Sainfort CBD Online Shop

Healing with CBD: Part 1 – Sleep Disorders

Nowadays many people suffer from insomnia. You can't fall asleep in the evening, you're tired all day or your thoughts start circling non-stop. Other people fall asleep well, but wake up after 3-4 hours and just can't get back to sleep.

Sleep problems can have various causes - from a stressful everyday life to psychological problems to various diseases or side effects of other medications.

Many of those affected resort to sleeping pills, which, on the one hand, is associated with the risk of dependence and, on the other hand, means that it is difficult to get going the following day.

CBD, with its relaxing, pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and calming effects, represents a natural treatment alternative to conventional sleeping pills. From a purely scientific point of view, there are still some question marks as to whether and, above all, how exactly CBD influences the sleep process. Nevertheless, various studies and testimonials support the thesis that CBD can promote good sleep.

If one assumes that CBD - especially as CBD oil - has a pain-relieving and calming effect, various possible factors that cause sleep disorders can be inhibited or blocked and sleep can be improved in the long term.

In contrast to pharmaceutical sleeping pills, physical dependence is not an issue when using CBD and you are fully operational the next day.

The dosage of CBD is very individual - it is best to start with a low dose, observe whether the quality of sleep changes, and adjust the dosage in small increments if necessary.

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