Healing with CBD: Part 3 – Pain

Heilen mit CBD: Teil 3 – Schmerzen

There are two types of pain - acute and chronic pain. Acute pain occurs when there is a physical malfunction, illness or deficiency. These usually last a few days/weeks. This pain is a warning signal from the body; they ensure protection and an undisturbed healing process.

Pain that lasts longer than three months is considered chronic pain. The pain increasingly develops into an independent clinical picture and the body literally forgets what it was like without pain. Chronic pain is caused by a malfunction of the nervous system and can severely limit those affected in the long term.

The treatment of acute and chronic pain can be a major challenge for those affected. Conventional medicines/painkillers are often not suitable for long-term use due to their possible side effects and possible dependency. For this reason, natural remedies are often sought to get these symptoms under control. Products containing CBD offer one possibility here.

It is believed that CBD stimulates the pain receptors and can thus suppress the sensation of pain. Whether CBD can really treat/relieve pain cannot yet be conclusively assessed from a scientific point of view. However, there are various studies that suggest that cannabis, for example as a concentrated CBD oil, could have a positive effect on pain. Various people also report that they use CBD to relieve back pain, arthritis, menstrual pain, headaches, migraines or muscle pain, for example.

Everyone is different and the effect of cannabinoids is influenced by various factors such as gender, body weight or genes. Therefore, it is best to start with a low dose and observe for a few days whether an effect is noticeable and then adjust the dosage if necessary.

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